Continental premium contact 6 tires

Advanced macro-block shoulders and asymmetric rib geometry strengthens the tread pattern for sport driving. Please go to www. Coverage is for 3 three years from the time of registration.

Limit of 3 covered events for the coverage term. You will need to complete all the required information on the form including proof of purchase details. Once completed, your roadside assistance card will be emailed to you. Only the vehicle registered on the totalconfidence-plan. Tire Finder. Canada en FR. Tires from Continental. Back to results. Technical details.

Confidence when it rains. Crystal silica composition provides outstanding grip on wet roads. Comfortable and quiet ride. Smooth pattern stiffness improves ride quality and lowers noise levels.

Responsive Handling. Tuned for Original Equipment applications. Engineered to meet the performance requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. Product Range 17" 18" 19" 20" 21" 22". Please note that the load and speed index has been adjusted for at least one of the recommended tyres and hence our recommended results may differ from your chosen selection. The recommended results will fit your vehicle, however if you are unsure, please contact your local retailer.

Product range. Load Rating.

PremiumContact™ 6

Rim Protection. OE Tire Marking. Tire size. No tyres found for your tyre selection. Total Confidence Plan Inclusions. Road Hazard. Limited Warranty. Customer Satisfaction Trial. Tread Wearout Coverage.

Continental in numbers. First choice for leading vehicle manufacturers Almost every third car in Europe is delivered with tires from Continental. Multi award winning tires.CoreScore is a score that indicates how liked a tire is based on reviews and ratings from owners.

More info We spent several hours reading reviews from experts and tire owners. In summary, this is what people think about Continental PremiumContact 6. You can agree with these conclusions by voting for any item:. Reasons to buy vote if agree. Short wet and dry braking distances. Excellent dry and wet handling.

High rolling resistance. Average resistance to lateral aquaplaning. Add First Review. Positive: Excellent dry grip with sporty handling and the shortest dry braking distances. Very short wet braking distances. Negative: Low aquaplaning resistance, average comfort, relatively high noise levels, high price. Overall: Once again the braking advantage of the Premium Contact 6 secures it a test win, however it was very close at the top.

If you prefer driving dynamics over comfort, this is the tyre to pick.

continental premium contact 6 tires

The shortest braking distance on wet and dry pavements. The best hydroplaning resistance. On wet pavement, the car feels very steady and provides excellent handling response there are only slight issues with understeer under high loads.

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Crisp steering response and predictable behavior on dry pavement. Very balanced tire. Top grade on wet roads. Top grade in terms of wear. Good on dry roads and in terms of fuel consumption. Very short braking distance and well-balanced behavior on wet pavement.

Great handling response and high level of safety in the dry. The best riding comfort on test. Good handling response and great. Lateral grip on wet pavement. The lowest straight hydroplaning resistance.

The new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 has been launched, and here's our in depth tyre test, comparing it to its predecessor, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, and one of the current market leading tyres, the Continental PremiumContact 6.

Continental PremiumContact 6 SSR

The best balance of performance on test, excellent handling and short stopping distances on dry and wet surfaces, high aquaplaning resistance.

Relatively high rolling resistance. Top performance in the dry, short wet braking. Only average traction in the mud and on stony surfaces. The construction is more sporty than its predecessor, with more contact surface on the outside of the tire, more like a pure performance tire. PC6 provides the best side grip on both wet and dry roads.The new PremiumContact 6 replaces both the PremiumContact 5 and the SportContact 5, unifying the comfort and efficiency of the PremiumContact range, with the high performance, steering precision and grip of the SportContact.

This tyre replaced the Continental Premium Contact 5. Thank you! The car has always had Continental tyres on since new, then contact 5 so I would like to keep using Continental. I have not had the opportunity to test the two tyres directly back to back, but looking at other tests the Premium Contact 6 often scores poorly in terms of comfort meaning it is likely the Asymmetric 3 which has the edge in comfort.

Review of CSC5 last no longer than km. Can you verify that the premium contact 6 has less than km? Wear rate is a bit concern for most conti tires from what I gather.

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Wear is very subjective and difficult to compare between different driving cars and driving style. It's best to look at the tests and reviews on this site to help you understand the real world mileage you could achieve. I'm pretty much settled on the Premium Contact 6.

Thanks for your help, and a really useful website. The answer is yes to both of your questions, but it will likely be a small amount in both categories. It's interesting these tyres have such differing label grades, are you sure one of the tyres isn't an OE marked tyre which will have OE specific changes to it?

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I was actually pretty much settled for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 for next season. Yet I feel tempted to go for the Premium Contact 6 instead, since steering Response was praised in a couple of tests.

I'm not seeking ultimate grip and fast lap times, but a sporty feel is welcome. Have you guys been able to test them back to back? Second part of the question: both tyres are offered in 93 and 97 LI. The 93 is sufficient and I rarely drive the car fully packed. Would the 93 LI be the obvious choice? Thanks in advance.

Sadly I've not yet driven the two back to back, looking at the various tests it seems the steering feedback switches depending on the size used, so make sure you're referencing a tyre review in or near your size. If you're interesting in steering feel, the higher load rating might be the smarter choice. Which ones would you recommend when grip and braking distance is the priority?

Michelin Sport Pilot 4 for this size is available only at higher speed index W than the recommended by a manufacturer V. Does the putting on stiffer tires with a higher speed index W can cause significant changes in handling, electronic traction control systems, comfort or grip when the car is unloaded?

Can stiffer tires cause faster wear to the suspension or other parts of the car? Both tyres are extremely close in performance, you won't be disappointed with either the PC6 or PS4. There's no concern fitting the W either, the differences would be negligible if at all.

The comfort and handling would be fairly different, so if you don't want runflats I'd avoid. This website should show you the rivals, but the usual suspects would be the Asymmetric 5 and Pilot Sport 4. So my question is this: Which would be better for my rear axle? Thank you in advance. Unfortunately we cannot comment on tyre size changes as there's too many factors involved, but I will say the PC6 is an excellent tyre. You are correct, the PremiumContact 6 replaces both the PremiumContact 5 and the SportContact 5, but only the SportContact 5 in the smaller sizes where the SportContact 6 isn't yet available.

I ask because they have a db rating of 72 compared to 70 for Bridgestone Turanza T and 68 for Michelin Primacy 4, At the moment this noise factor is making me question whether to buy the Continentals. See the latest 16" tyre testthis covers noise.We can't control the weather, but we can keep you in control.

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Our enhanced contact surface and pattern stiffness not only lower the interior noise but improve mileage and comfort. We call this comfort optimised performance footprint. So you can simply enjoy your journey for as long as you want to.

The intelligent macroblock design provides maximum control and cornering stability even at higher speeds, improves grip performance for sporty driving and transmits more power from your car to the asphalt. It is applied to the inside of the tire in the tread area.

It is designed to reduce interior noise on all road surfaces. Regardless of the temperature, the structure of the foam stays intact.

continental premium contact 6 tires

The SSR system is a runflat technology developed by Continental especially for low section tires, which still keeps the tires compatible with all standard rims. The SSR principle is based on a self-supporting reinforced sidewall. In case of a puncture, this prevents the sidewall from being crushed between the rim and the road, and the tire from slipping off the rim, which makes a spare tire obsolete. Not having to carry a spare tire means a reduction in weight, which improves fuel efficiency.

It also adds up to 80 litres of free space in the trunk. Fitting on four positions is highly recommended, if not yet mandatory by law and a tire repair is not allowed. This test is a special test with 50 participating products. Part 1: Wet and dry braking test: selection of the best 20 products.

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Part 2: Complete test of only the finalists including wear performance and price. The test was conducted in cooperation with Bridgestone in Rome Italy. Secure grip in wet conditions is crucial for safe driving. Performance is graded into classes, A to G although D and G are not currently used.

The stopping distance between a class A tire and a class F tire can be as much as 18 metres. Reduced rolling resistance saves fuel and cuts CO2 emissions.

Class A tires deliver the best fuel efficiency, with each subsequent class through to G increasing fuel consumption by between 0.

This is the external noise made by the tire and is measured in decibels. The more filled bars shown on the label, the louder the tires. Tires from Continental.After registration you will receive a letter with a password and a link for activation of your account.

If you do not specify a password, it will be generated automaticaly. Registration was successful Check your email and click on the link in the email to complete registration. You can fill not all fields, but the more you fill, the more motorists will thank you.

The bionic ContiPremiumContact means safer braking: The new ContiPremiumContact works like a cat's paw as it brakes: it widens, to ensure safe transmission of greater forces to the road. The tyre is therefore able to transmit braking forces more efficiently than a conventional tyre.

Under normal driving conditions the tyre remains slim to provide protection against aquaplaning. Asymmetrical tread pattern ensures safety and comfort The closed outer shoulder section with its sturdy tread pattern ensures good cornering stability and precise steering response.

This part of the tyre puts more rubber on the road, giving better grip and good braking characteristics, even when cornering. Silica means low rolling resistance, better grip and shorter braking distances For several years, silica has replaced carbon black as a filler in tyre tread compound. The benefit of silicum dioxide is that it is able to bond chemically with the natural rubber polymers.

As a result, silica helps to reduce rolling resistance and improve grip and roadholding, particularly on wet roads. Sign Up After registration you will receive a letter with a password and a link for activation of your account. Sign Up, Step 2 Registration was successful Check your email and click on the link in the email to complete registration. Your profile: Email:. Chevrolet Chevrolet Lacetti Other Mazda Mazda 6 Mazda 3 Other Russia Ukraine. Is this winter tyres?

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Continental PremiumContact 6

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continental premium contact 6 tires

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